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We work for our affiliates & advertisers with the sole aim of representing their products to audience, bringing them ad revenue or ROI and helping grow their businesses.

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About Us

Adcrax focus on comprehensibility, professionalism, and lucidity & helps both advertisers and affiliates to achieve their digital marketing goals by delivering services for user acquisition

Purchase Models

We work with CPM, CPV, CPC, CPE, CPI, CPA, CPL purchase models programmatic or direct way adapting to the needs of each client and helps to dramatically boost retention.


Media Planning & Strategy

Our trained account managers work attentively with both advertisers and affiliates to understand their needs and to ensure the perfect match between traffic and product's key performance indicator.


Brand Engagement

Adcrax can help you to reach users in 250+ countries, achieve supercilious viewability, and helps to gain new customers and your message will reach perceptive audience.


What Our Partners Says

We can say all we like about our products and services but the only people whose opinions we value and learn from are our clients. Happy customers create a win-win situation for all.

Our News

Make sure you stay in sync, Check our recent and upcoming activities.