Adcrax since 2014
Sole Aim

We work for our affiliates & advertisers with the sole aim of representing their products to the audience, bringing them ad revenue or ROI and helping grow their businesses.


Adcrax focuses on comprehensibility, professionalism, and lucidity & helps both advertisers and affiliates to achieve their digital marketing goals by delivering services for user acquisition.


Our trained account managers work attentively with both advertisers and affiliates to understand their needs and to ensure the perfect match between traffic and the product's key performance indicator.

Hello we are,

Founded in 2014, We are one of the fastest-growing performance and affiliate networks with global coverage. We are obsessed with numbers. We measure our performance based on cold hard data (ECPMs, CRs, ROIs), for both advertisers and affiliates alike. We assist enterprises in representing their product & services and increasing their ad revenues. Our coverage is regularly expanding with the constant release of new countries and products. Our network is constantly implementing new technologies and recasting digital advertising. We differentiate ourselves by eliminating frustrations and obstacles for our partners and creating an unparalleled level of efficiency.



Our Services

Why Choose Adcrax?


Adcrax does help influencers to monetize their followers or traffic with direct campaigns. Our platform can monetize all niche followers with quality campaigns.


We work with CPM, CPV, CPC, CPE, CPI, CPA, CPL purchase models programmatic or direct way, adapting to the needs of each client and helps to boost retention dramatically.


Adcrax can help you to reach users in 250+ countries, achieve supercilious viewability, and helps to gain new customers, and your message will reach the perceptive audience.

Feedback from our clients.

"Adcrax has been the most solid network I have worked with. They’ve got a lot of direct offers which is pretty important.My AM is a great, friendly guy and is always there to help me and go an extra mile for me. Payments are on time. Overall an awesome network that I highly recommend!"

- Francisca, BD Manager

"I’ve start working with them 1 year ago as a test and now adcrax is my main ad network. I appreciate their great support, always received an answer from them every time I needed. All the payments were processed on time even during the holidays or weekends. I will stick with them as long as possible."

- Ravinder Singh, Affiliate

"Had an excellent experience working with them. Quick website approvals, hassle-free payments and top-notch support! If you are looking for a decent way to monetize your websites then adcrax is one of the best and really worth a try."

- Jannat Chatwal, Affiliate Manager
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